If you are a recent undergraduate college student with scholarships or grants, you most likely qualify for a tax provision that your accountant doesn't know anything about. All you need to do is upload your tax forms to our refund calculator and claim your refund! Check out the "Is this for real? Is it legal?" FAQ if you want to read support from the IRS.

I have been a tax accountant and CPA for over a decade and I have a master's degree in taxation from the top accounting program in the nation. I have taught university tax and accounting courses for six years. While teaching college tax courses I discovered that almost every one of my students had failed to claim about a thousand dollars from the IRS.

This is absolutely legal. We started filing for student refunds almost a year ago, and the IRS has already mailed huge refund checks to hundreds of students. Click this FAQ if you want to read more support from the IRS.

There is no chance that you will owe additional tax simply because you choose to file an amended return or because you choose to use our services. When you correctly submit your information to us for a quote, the amount we say you are going to get back is usually what you will get back.

Your accountant probably doesn't know about this tax provision for students, or he would have gotten you your full refund the first time. He'll probably bill you his high hourly rate to research it, even if he finally decides he can't get you any money back after all. We charge a flat rate, regardless of how long it takes us to prepare your amended return and get you your money. And we guarantee our work and calculations for as long as you continue working with us and following our tax advice. So, if you get nothing back after letting us fight for you, then you owe us nothing.

You will receive your refund in the form of a check from the IRS mailed directly to you. We GUARANTEE the accuracy of our tax preparation services for as long as you keep working with us and following our tax advice. If you let us fight for you, and we discover our calculations are incorrect, we will make things right or refund your payment. So, you can pay with confidence and without risk.

After submitting your tax return to us, it will take about 5 business days to create your amended tax return. Once it is ready, you will review it, sign it, and send it to the IRS. Although the IRS asks that you give them up to 16 weeks to process your return, our experience shows that it generally takes about 4 to 8 weeks for cash refunds to arrive in the mail.

Amended tax returns must be mailed directly to the IRS after which they will send you the refund check in the mail. We are here to prepare all the appropriate tax forms for you so that you don't have to do anything but sign them and mail them to the IRS.

Rather than charge a high hourly rate, we simply charge a flat $499 to prepare your amended return, which you don't pay until you receive your IRS refund. We also offer discounts, reducing your final price!

Our specialty is working with scholarship and grant students so we know exactly how to get you the maximum refund allowed by law. Your amended return is prepared by an actual CPA who can legally represent you before the IRS.

Only the person who claimed the student as a dependent on their tax return can claim the tax benefits associated with students and scholarships. Have the person who claimed you on their tax return fill out the refund calculator if you did not claim yourself.

It is impossible for any person or software to know every aspect of the US tax law. After six years as an accounting professor, I found that most CPA's and tax software programs didn't take full advantage of the refunds available to undergraduate students who received scholarships and grants.

If you received a scholarship or grant while also paying undergraduate tuition in 2014-2016, you most likely qualify for this tax provision that your accountant probably doesn't know about, unless they do taxes exclusively for college students.

Absolutely yes! In fact, students with scholarships or grants are precisely the students who are failing to claim their tax credits. Tax software and most CPAs don’t know that there are provisions in the tax law that allow students with scholarships and grants to claim special credits. Almost every student we have helped to claim their money had a scholarship or grant! If you had a scholarship or grant in the past three years, you most likely missed a tax credit. Try our free refund calculator now.

If you are a graduate student with scholarships and grants AND you had taxable income (i.e., you actually owed and paid tax), then you may qualify for an additional refund. Try our refund calculator and let us know that you are a graduate student, and we'll let you know what you qualify for. (The quote you receive from our instant calculator may not be correct at this time.)

If you are claiming a refund, the IRS will accept your tax return for up to 3 years after its due date. For example, your 2016 tax return is due April 15, 2017. You can amend your 2016 tax return for three additional years, until April 15, 2020.

As you know, most CPA’s and tax software don’t get students all the refunds they deserve. CollegeTaxRefunds.com gives our friends and partners at PorterKinney PC exclusive access to our powerful student refund calculator. They will do your taxes right the first time, and get you the maximum refunds you deserve, this year and for many years to come. To get your tax return started, contact PorterKinney at 509-713-7300. Be sure to let them know that CollegeTaxRefunds referred you. If you choose NOT to use PorterKinney, be sure to use our free refund calculator to catch all the refunds you missed. (Disclosure: we receive a commission from PorterKinney, but our recommendation is based on the excellent service they provide. Always do your own due diligence.)

[Video not available] No, this does not increase your chances of an IRS audit. The IRS audits people when it suspects they are cheating the tax code by hiding taxable income or making up business expenses. If you only have scholarship and employee income from a W-2 and documented expenses, such as tuition, there is no reason the IRS would ever want to audit you, because they already know everything about you. You aren’t hiding any income, and you aren’t claiming any fake business expenses. Nothing we do increases your chances of an audit, because we aren’t hiding any income or creating any fake expenses. We are simply helping you to claim your maximum credit by following a frequently misunderstood, but legal and acceptable method of reporting your tuition and your scholarships.