Hi, I'm Steve Hunt

I’m a certified public accountant. I have a Masters Degree in Taxation from the top accounting program in the nation. I have been a tax accountant and CPA for over a decade. I have taught university tax and accounting courses for six years. While teaching college tax courses, I discovered that almost every one of my students had failed to claim about $1000 from the IRS. I soon realized it wasn’t just my accounting students—almost every college student who had a scholarship or pell grant also failed to claim their full tax refund. It didn't matter if these students had done their taxes on TurboTax, hired H&R Block, or hired a year-round CPA firm. Some students did their own taxes, and some students had parents who were CPAs do their taxes. Still, almost nobody seemed to know about these provisions in the tax code for students with scholarships and grants. The tax code is impossibly large and complex—over 74,000 pages of tax law. No CPA understands all of it. Most CPAs only understand the basics and one or two areas of expertise.

I know how much $1000 means to a college student. It can be a game changer. I also know it could cost a student more than $1000 for a CPA to research the code to get these refunds.

I decided to start CollegeTaxRefunds.com to give students the maximum cash back available from the IRS with just a few minutes of effort.

The College Tax Refunds team does all the tax work for you, and I'm here to represent you and fight for your refund before the IRS, should it become necessary. We set it up so that there is no upfront risk to the student to put in their information and find out how much cash back they qualify for.

Many students we have worked with have over $1000 dollars per year in unclaimed refunds, and some have received as much as $6,000 dollars over three years. There’s no upfront cost to find out—and you only pay our accounting fee if you decide to file your amended returns and claim your cash! Use our refund calculator to get your instant quote right now and find out how much cash the IRS owes you.

I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of Idaho (but I can serve online clients anywhere). I am a Member of the American Institute of CPAs®. My PTIN is P00612152.

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) provides a website that verifies the credentials of CPAs. Search out my credentials at CPAverify.org. I’m listed as Stephen Hunt. My license number is CP-5841.